Sunday, June 3, 2012

monday mood

every week, Monday is the very dislike day for me..well, i got so much relax and fun in Sunday but have to come on Monday to work. and the worst Monday of all, today got an audit..means there will someone or like judges come to evaluate my work but its not my work all this time. its somebody work that i have to temporary replace while she absent. all the #$%^& file that i really don't understand will be my job and the file is important for the audit. so really benci today monday. i feel like want to take leave but orang bilang sudah tanggungjawab, running away its not solution. so apapun happen today, kena marah ka kena tengok lain macam ka kena cakap nda pandai buat keja ka, wat ever la kan...i will accept it with a swollen face. i hope the best. its not that I'm so brave or what but i believe God will be by my side when its my hardest day. so think of that my mood became calm. smile and silence is the perfect act to do right now. ^^