Monday, July 30, 2012

The Stop By

Never thought that I'm gonna lost someone that I love,
One by one, the one I love leave me behind,
Until there is no one that wait or beside me,
Thats when I realize that,
I walk alone in this journey,
Feel so tired doing all things alone,
Feel the road is no end,
No hope,
Feel useless because got that feeling there is no one waiting for me in the end of the road,
Really feel wanna stop this journey and stop walking,
But then I open the Bible,
Read the word from God,
'Who said Ur walk alone,
who said there is no one wait for you,
who said there is no one beside you,
God, Jesus Christ is always beside and wait,
Still have faith for me in the end of the road,
He said, if I feel tired,
just stop a while and continue walking,
But never give up,
There so much to learn in this journey,
The obstacle, the sadness, the sorrow,
The title of our lesson,
Have faith in God,
Never stop believing,
God, forgive me for I sometimes doesn't have faith,
in you and myself.