Monday, September 3, 2012

Fake People

I would like to talk about the fake people, plastic face or people that wear a mask in their daily life. Wow, for the first time I meet the master of disguise. Me look so innocent kan. My mom said, there more people like that in the world so dont terlebih suprise becomes that kind people are the most common people that u will meet along your life so always be prepared. How?and When?... anytime and anywhere. DTA (Dont Trust Anybody). Ok thats all for the advice. Back to my story, there one or two people that i knew were very nice people and caring for other but They Were Not. They will stab in ur back anytime they get chance. They will do anything to make sure their image dont ruin (there is now wrong about that) but dont ever put ur blame to other. Its so so not nice to do. U mistake, take it, your job, do it, dont make any excuses or point your finger to other because other can show their middle finger to you. Ur people are still safe and alive in this world not because you were awesome or invincible or people scare of you but there were law and prison. so be thankful for that. chow~~~