Monday, April 23, 2012

trip to sempulna

i never go to semporna and never watch regatta lepa in my whole life. so i take this chance to go with my office member and see my own eyes how regatta lepa are.well, its more fun watching this lepa and go there, rather than see on tv. walaupun, its hot over there with people that so ramai but still i enjoyed it.maybe other will not feel teruja or rasa macam besa ja but for me, i really feel so 'wow' and 'whats???'.just imagine people can sleep very well in a boat or perahu. for me, its so weird but when i read the history about the bajau laut or pelahu, then i realize there are many interesting thing that beyond our ordinary life in this world. no need to go overseas just to see a new thing or new stuff.just beside beside our kampung or daerah. the very susah in going anywhere is when u have to duduk in the bus for about 10 hour, its speechless. ur butt, ur body and ur mind will not bekerjasama and u have to feel sengsara until u reach the destination. some said that when selalu going trip like this, u will not feel sengsara anymore or da besa but i think i will not membiasakan diri for ever. its just so hard for me.

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